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Non-Linear Garden Design as an Identity Affirming Practice – March 15, 2023

From the chinampas of Mexico, to the terraced gardens in Asia & companion planting practices around the world, our ancestors point the way to designs that circumvent tidy row cropping most common in gardens. By exploring nonlinear designs we can re-center the practices of ancestral growers and invite conversations about identity and heritage into our garden programs. Join us as we journey towards collective care and common ground in our school gardens. Hosted by the Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago, IL, this webinar moves through different garden and nature space designs to discuss how these spaces impact our ability to teach and learn outside. 

Resource Guide, including slide deck and a number of resources.


This live webinar was a part of the six month Growing School Garden Summit Webinar Series, featuring presentations from the April 2022 Growing School Gardens Summit, hosted by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in partnership with Life Lab and the SGSO Network. All presenters were compensated for sharing their expertise with our Network, generously funded by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation.