Upcoming webinar

Music in the Garden

GSG Summit Webinar Series:
Music In the Garden

JAN 18 at 11AM PT/2PM ET

This session will demonstrate how to incorporate multi-sensory musical experiences into your school garden curriculum. Symon Hajjar of Hot Toast Music Co. will share songs and lesson ideas, lead activities, and facilitate discussion about how to take advantage of the integrated learning opportunities found in a garden. You will leave with a fresh perspective on teaching, practical tips and tricks for working with different age groups, and a host of creative musical ideas to try out with your classes. You will even find out how to turn vegetables into real instruments! The session will be interactive and cover a wide array of topics connected to teaching from the garden including: composting, entomology, how to plant a seed, the food web, and more!

To fully participate in this webinar, we invite you to bring the following materials: large carrot, butternut squash, drill with 1/2" bit, knife, and spoon.

Hosted by Symon Hajjar of Hot Toast Music Co.

This live webinar is a part of the six month Growing School Garden Summit Webinar Series, featuring presentations from the April 2022 Growing School Gardens Summit, hosted by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in partnership with Life Lab and the SGSO Network. All presenters are compensated for sharing their expertise with our Network, generously funded by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation.