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Join Hope Sickmeier of Southern Boone County Elementary in Ashland, MO to learn how schools teach STEAM & NGSS and preserve food in the 21st century. Hope shares ideas on how to use STEAM in the garden to enhance student learning (square foot gardening & garden design, creating a pollinator, designing and demonstrating methods of seed dispersal). You will also learn how to use garden produce to create fundraising ideas and incorporate economic lessons. This webinar offers easy recipes for food preservation of produce. Recipes include refrigerator pickles, herbal salts, dehydrated apple chips, sun-dried tomatoes, and apple cider vinegar.


This live webinar was a part of the six month Growing School Garden Summit Webinar Series, featuring presentations from the April 2022 Growing School Gardens Summit, hosted by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in partnership with Life Lab and the SGSO Network. All presenters are compensated for sharing their expertise with our Network, generously funded by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation.


Resource Guide, including slide deck and relevant links.