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A Replicable Teacher Professional Development Framework for Your SGSO – NOVEMBER 18, 2022

Learn about a replicable teacher professional development framework for a webinar series designed to help school garden educators build gardening confidence, foster collaboration among leaders, and strengthen garden programs for long-term success. Members of the newly formed Florida Farm to School Collaborative – including Florida Agriculture in the Classroom and UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program (SNAP-Ed) – will share their experience working together to co-host monthly interactive webinars as part of the School Garden Leadership Training. Externally, this series supports garden educators while organically building a statewide school garden network. Internally, the series fosters partnerships with other SGSO’s through shared labor and scalable leadership opportunities. This workshop will begin with a brief history then dive into the planning tools, marketing strategies, and content framework used by the organizers. Participants will engage in fun activities from the series’ 3 Spheres of Sustainability: gardening knowledge, curriculum connections, and leadership skills. SGSO’s of all scales are welcome to attend – especially those looking to grow school garden networks or explore planning and organizing strategies for school garden leaders.


Resource Guide, including slide deck and relevant links.


This live webinar was a part of the six month Growing School Garden Summit Webinar Series, featuring presentations from the April 2022 Growing School Gardens Summit, hosted by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in partnership with Life Lab and the SGSO Network. All presenters are compensated for sharing their expertise with our Network, generously funded by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation.